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SWN Elysian Beta – 10 Jan 3200

Posted on April 14th, 2016

Seong News Network

14 have been reported dead, and 36 injured, in the vicious bombing of the troubled Player Outfit Industries manufactory in the Grey Hill District. Ms Flak, who was unavailable for comment, has faced repeated scrutiny for going against local customs relating to large-scale employment.

It is believed that the terrorists – one of whom appeared mentally challenged – were granted access to restricted parts of the building by an employee; whom was later found injured at the scene. Security footage shows the three assailants, and a driver, fleeing the scene in a pink open-topped gravity vehicle.

Further details are as of yet unavailable, however a representative for the Seong Security Agency has expressed concerns that the assailants are likely “aggitated locals who feel they should have been employed by [Falk].”

The Mad Rok Fan Forum

Hey guys. Just to let everyone know, some of our beloved community members have gone missing in the past week. JontheTron52, Magrloe, TheBobicus123 and Myung3172. They’re not at home, and are not answering their comms (they’re definately still in Alcathous though!).

If anyone has any idea where they might be, let me know!

Thanks, FreakyBeej241