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SWN Elysian Beta – 25 Feb 3200

Posted on April 30th, 2016

Seong-Hallfrid Research Agreement Crumbles

The HDF Höfn, accompanied by a number of unmarked frigates, arrived in orbit of Seong earlier today. With tensions rising between Seong and the Hallfridian Cooperative, experts are expressing concern about the future of Seong’s research agreement with Hallfrid.

Malena Nielson, the Hallfridian representative brought over by the Höfn, has spent the day in meeting with Prime Minister Layla Nguyen, and other government members. A spokesperson for Quorum House, Seong’s seat of government, reported that Hallfrid is uneasy with recent academic and research ventures made by the Seong Intellectuals Party.

Nielson has commented that “The items in question are the property of [Hallfrid], which does not condone the method of study used.” Under the Halling Research Agreement, the owner to an item of study reserves the right to restrict the methods of study of that item if they feel it is culturally insesitive, damaging to the item, or believe it potentially harmful to life.

Professor R. Pang from the Kimura College of Sciences speculates that the item in question is likely to be the terraforming engine (circa. 2470) recently loaned to Capitol Engineering for study. Research in the subject suggests that these machines may be the cause of the unusual weather on Hallfrid and that, based on our current understanding of terraforming technology, may be hazardous if used on an inhabited planet.

Thousands Take to Streets – Unrest on Seong

Thousands took to the streets earlier today in response the the Government’s choice to issue illicit research fines to the University of Shimanai and Capitol Engineering. The government’s subsequent attempt to seize the research was met with strong resistance by members of the public.

After security forces arrived at the scene, protests quickly broke down into violence. The riots lasted aproximately two days before the security force was able to dissipate it. An estimated 10 Million credits of damage was done to the capital.

Three individuals were detained for attempting arson of Quorum House. Other government buildings have suffered aproximately 500,000 credits of damage collectively.

Terran Archive Seize of Grav Racer

Deuel Engineering, best known in the sector for the manufacture of luxury and racing vehicles, suffered a major setback last week as a group, believed to be contracted Terran Archive bailiffs, seized Deuel’s prize-winning gravbike. Their latest gravbike set speed records for the Rihana surface-survival races and brought the survival-races trophy firmly back home to Rihana.

The bailiffs were witnessed ascociating with members of a Perimiter Agency, whom were using Hallfridian soldiers and diffused the situation between the bailiffs and local security forces. It is implied from the uniforms worn that the Hallfridian soldiers were for hire; and not representing Hallfrid.

After the recent seizure of their bike, and repeated data-loss throughout the sector, race officials are considering an inquiry into Deuel Engineering’s victory, the rules for which strictly forbid the use of certain technologies (most commonly found in pretech) within races. The Rihana Sport Commission has admitted that it will be difficult to persue an investigation with both the engine itself missing, and Deuel’s recent loss of information.

Deuel Engineering’s Rihana garage had it’s server’s destroyed in a fragmentation blast, assumed to be the result of the security’s resistance to the Bailiffs. In the following weeks, various Deuel facilities have encountered numberous technical failures resulting in data loss. It is unclear if this is an attempt by the Terran Archive to remove details about the engine in question.