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SWN Elysian Beta – 20 Mar 3200

Posted on September 27th, 2016

Intellectuals Party Invests in Infrastructure, Government Invests in Soldiers

Individuals and businesses in association with the Seong Intellectuals Party yesterday invested a collective value of approximately 50 Million credits into the expansion of Seong’s farming infrastructure. The money is expected to contribute significantly to the cost of developing the Brightbank Hydroponics Greenhouses.

In a disappointing turn, the Planetary Government has invested 10 Million credits in the creation of the planet’s first standing military in 100 years. A Quorum House representative commented on the decision saying “The political climate around the core worlds is clearly changing. We need to be prepared for whatever is going to happen, if we are to continue to prosper.”


The HDF Höfn opened fire on private facilities last night, in response to the Seong Intellectual Party’s reluctance to return Hallfridian artifacts. A representative of the Seong Intellectual’s Party told SNN “Some of our membership companies has serious fears about their well-being upon returning these artifacts. These items were seem to be the only thing standing between the researchers and forceful retribution from the local security force and visiting Hallfridian force.”

The Höfn used a precision bombardment of various research facilities known to be operated by members of the Seong Intellectuals Party. While nobody was harmed, there are clear questions as to how the government could permit such actions to occur. Reports from the scene describe the Seong emergency services as being on the scene before the strikes took place. Thus far, one person has been reported killed, and 14 injured.

It’s unclear how much research was destroyed in the attack. The property damage was significant,and neighbours were terrified. In the aftermath, the emergency services recovered the artifacts in addition to casualties. They have been returned to the Höfn which is expected to leave within the next few days.

Deuel Engineering Found Guilty of Rules Breach

The race commission have confirmed Deuel Engineering used an engine type and design explicitly forbidden in competition rules. Their most recent tournament win has been voided by unanimous vote.