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BSc Computer Science

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A writer, occasional Dungeon Master and Computer Science undergraduate at Goldsmiths' University of London - with studies focusing around Machine Learning and Natural Computing - Kriss Jessop is a creative individual with a particular interest in words, workflow tools, problem solving and a bit off good-old-fashioned planning. He also greatly dislikes writing about himself in the third person, even though it's the proper thing to do in an opening statement.

Kriss has a curiousity about langauges and a knack for cooking. Seriously, he's been to restaurants and thought "I can cook better than this" before. A relaxed individual that doens't do Dealine Rush. He does these amazing things called "planning" and "time management" which tend to work very well for him.

Kriss has little trouble talking in front of large groups and is not reluctant to speak up from the group when necessary.








"Real" Languages

English EnglishNative English

JapanBasic Japanese

Things I'm Proud Of

[PHP & Javascript] Advanced AirBnB Search[+/-]

A current project where I'm looking at the data that powers AirBnB and applying a swarm search algorithm to find the optimal location to stay based upon a user's given criteria.

[PHP] Link Aggregator [+/-]

My personal bookmarking tool. Allows me to easily save and access bookmarks between browsers and devices. See on GitHub.

[Writing] Demian's Story[+/-]

Over the past couple of years I've been working on a novel whenever I've had the time. The story centres around a war on a world where magic is the norm, but the arrival of mages from another world disturbs the balance of power by bringing new knowledge and magics with them.

[Writing] Age of Fear Campaigns[+/-]

I work with a developer to produce engaging narrative content for his story, with a particular focus on readability and conciseness. Behind the scenes I make sure everything is in natural-sounding English, as the rest of the team aren't native English speakers. To expedite the task of scenario-writing, I've produced my own scenario editor to lessen the burden.

[Processing] Map Generator and Villager Simulator [+/-]

A first-year university assignment in which I generated a random map and set some agents therein to cultivate the land and reproduce.

Relevant Experience

Writer & Scenario DesignerAxis Applications2015-Present

Age of Fear is a series of Strategy games by Leszek Sliwko. I was brought back in 2015 to create a two new stories, write flavour text and generally make sure everything reads alright (since I’m the only native English speaker on the team, apparently). Along with these stories will come an improved narrative system, because let’s face it, a screen full of text can be a buzzkill.

Team LeaderSHERPA Events2014-2016

SHERPA is an event's subcontractor that works with all manner of clients to help them setup, operate and break down events and venues. This allowed me to participate in satisfying work, while facilitating travel to various events in parts of London and Southern England that I otherwise wouldn't know about or even consider visiting.